Cashmere Yarn has been a special fibre which has its own fans group across the world. Though not in direct competition with the leaders like cotton, wool and silk. Still it has carved a niche market for itself particularly amongst the designer folk who travel till Scotland for putting their ideas and imaginations into pure artistry. The final product is a fantastic piece which is done painstakingly taking couple of months to complete.

It is said that the Cashmere yarn has derived its name from the name of the most beautiful place in India by the name of Kashmir. The wild goats found only in such mountainous regions are the producers of the raw yarn. Its outer coat is extremely coarse and wiry, and the inner or undercoat is much softer and silkier. This is due to the fact that the goats live on high altitudes and are subjected to varying temperatures resulting in double coating on their body. The second layer coat is smoother and silkier in appearance and feel. This layer is used to make beautiful knitted apparels.

They also come in various colors. Each goat produces 3 to 8 ounces of cashmere per year. It takes at least 4 years for a goat to produce the fiber required to make single child apparel. Cashmere yarn is a fiber available only for a select few considering its heavy pricing and also the delicate nature of the yarn requiring such minute attention to produce the final textile product.

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